In this unique episode, special guest Chris Williamson of Vanished joins us for an inside look at some of the biggest disappearance cases in all of history — including Amelia Earhart, Jack the Ripper, D.B. Cooper, John Wilkes Booth, and more. Chris hosts Vanished along with his co-host, Jennifer Taylor, as part of the Straight Up Strange podcast network. He's also the creator of Chasing Earhart, the world's only Amelia Earhart-dedicated podcast and forthcoming 14 part documentary series. We hope you'll enjoy this fun and very special look at some of the most mysterious vanishings in world history!


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Chasing Earhart:

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Straight-Up Enigmas was created by Jaden McKell. Our theme song, "Straight-Up Enigmas," was created and is owned by Chuck Flyer. This episode was edited by Austin Blackwell.

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