Believe me — Laurelton, Missouri was not where I’d planned to spend my summer vacation. But, as they usually do, things changed. I found myself living with my aunt, Mara, and working part-time at a women’s clothing boutique on the quaint and picturesque town square. I liked my job — I even made some new friends. The only not-so-great thing was the ghosts. Why was I the only one who could see them? Were they trying to warn me about something? About the dark, mysterious power I could feel radiating from the creepy old Masonic Lodge, orphanage, asylum and winery on the hill?


I’m Jaden, the host of Small Town Spirits. This exclusive content is available through the Straight-Up Enigmas podcast feed. Starting April 14th, find all our spooky tales about the ghosts of Laurelton by searching Straight Up Enigmas on your favorite podcast app.


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