Hello, enigmatic listeners! I wanted to check in with you all since we’ve had so many changes and announcements lately.


First, I wanted to say thank you so much for supporting our sponsors. It’s been extremely exciting to see our little show get these sponsorship opportunities. I appreciate any effort from you all to show our sponsors that we have engaged listeners (things like using promo codes and downloading apps) -- that being said, I know things are pretty uncertain and chaotic right now. Any little bit of encouragement you send our way makes my day. I love hearing that you’re writing reviews for us on Apple Podcasts or just spreading the word to friends. 


Second, I’ve decided to start uploading quarantine playlists to the feed on our off-weeks. I know a lot of us now have a lot more time on our hands, so I’m going to re-release some of our earlier episodes, along with some commentary from me and a list of episodes from other podcasts that I think compliment our content. I’ll also add some of the shows I personally have been listening to lately. 


Third, we have so many great shows in the Straight-Up Strange Network! I love the variety in our spooky family, and I really want to share all these amazing podcasts with you. I’ll start uploading trailers and promos from some of the creators in our network every once in a while, just so you can get a taste for their different voices and styles.


Fourth, you may not know this about me, but I love writing. I majored in English, and I miss the creativity that comes from making my own original content. To supplement our regular, non-fiction episodes, I’m going to publish a new fiction series called Small Town Spirits. A trailer and teaser are coming soon, so stay tuned on that!


Again, I appreciate everything you enigmas do to help support our show. Some of you have listened from the very first episode -- our style has changed a lot since then, but I hope we can keep creating creepy content that you all enjoy. Thank you and we’ll see you on April 7th for our next regularly scheduled episode of Straight-Up Enigmas.


Song "Almost Winter" written and performed by Chuck Flyer.

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